Rice and Vermicelli Pilaf (p.182)

I thought I would start with something safe… something that felt comfortable and not the complete unknown.

I mean I know how to cook rice. I have been doing it for years. MORE SO, this dish is a staple of my grandmother’s in Nazareth so I know what it should taste like because I have eaten it SO SO SO SO SO many times.

But I didn’t count on three things:

Vermicelli is not easy to find! 

I eventually found it in a random Tesco but it is definitely not in every Tesco! It just happened to be in this odd one in the World specialty section and I cannot even remember where this Tesco was… basically I am doubting I shall find it again any time soon.

My kitchen equipment really is not up to scratch!

With two saucepans (I did have three until I managed to burn through one last week!) and a measuring jug that goes up in 100ml increments, I really struggled to measure out the butter and oil accurately whilst having enough utensils to cook the other elements of our main. Safe to say that I definitely need a new, more accurate measuring jug and a few more pots and pans.

I am so out of practice when it comes to following a recipe…

I really did not expect to find it so hard to keep up with the different steps whilst cooking the fish and vegetables for our dinner too! And this really wasn’t Bishara’s fault at all! Her steps are clear and simple (unless you want to be picky and fault her for not reminding you to rinse the rice before cooking) but I got distracted and burnt the vermicelli and then my rice ended up a tiny bit stodgy.

BUT I am totally taking this as part of the learning process… I am sure after finishing her book I will be a pro at recipe following!


Even though I burnt some of the vermicelli and even though the rice was not perfect, I have to say, it tasted lovely and reminded me of my grandmother’s cooking! It has always been a dish I look forward to eating in Nazareth and hopefully (with some practice) I can make it a staple in my home.

It, also, went perfectly with the basa and peppers that I cooked and it gives me the excuse to go on a kitchen utensil shopping spree (much to the dismay of my husband!) YIPEEE!




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