Arabic Bread, Kmaj (p.57)


I was so excited about making this bread. My grandmother makes this regularly when we stay in Nazareth with her and it goes with so many salads and mains. Whether your dipping it in hummus or filling it with salad and BBQ meat, it is an essential to many a lunch or dinner.


Now, this made the reality of the cook even more disappointing. There was just something not right with the specified quantities!!

620ml of warm water to 750g of plain flour created a wet batter rather than a dough. I have to wonder whether Bishara tested this recipe (sorry Bishara!) because on top of that there was yoghurt and olive oil! This meant that the process of creating a flour well with the liquids filling the centre actualized as a bed of flour covered with a sea of water, olive oil and yoghurt.

In order to rectify this I had to almost double the quantity of flour. I have to say that it probably helped that I have seen the dough for this and so knew the consistency and texture to look for.


I spoke to my dad about this all afterwards and he was surprisingly more horrified at the use of yoghurt… saying that, I  probably shouldn’t have been surprised as I do not think any of my relatives (aunts, uncles, dad etc.) could ever allow anyone else’s recipe to be valid or correct if not created by my grandmother. Is this the same in every family?!

Even so, my adjustments seemed to work and I was really happy with the results. It didn’t look like my gran’s but the taste was spot on.

I will definitely make this again – if only to note down the actual quantity of flour that was needed in order to make the dough.


Next up Manakeesh!


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