Za’atar Bread, Manakeesh (p.58)


So, this was a bit of a cheat week as my second recipe was essentially my first recipe (i.e. arabic bread) topped with za’atar and olive oil. BUT I would like to say that my husband, the kids and I have all had stomach bugs (not from my cooking thank you!) so cheating seemed fair.

Worth it!

This was so yummy though!

And I swear, if I had the time, I would cook this EVERY day just so that my kitchen smelt as delicious as my grandmother’s. That warm smell of bread and za’atar cooking is like no other and I was salivating before it was even out of the oven.

If you do make this though, make sure you have a toothpick to hand as a za’atary smile isn’t the best look.

manakeesh (3)

A few healthy meals are definitely needed after a week of feeling like death so next week I plan on making a few salads.


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